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Atomo is the first company in the world to bring human-centred engineering to the heart of diagnostics design

Atomo’s portfolio includes blood-based and saliva testing solutions

We focus on how tests operate in the hands of users to improve ease of use and reduce error rates. This leads to better user experience, more accurate results and better health care outcomes. Atomo’s elegant user-centred design is based on the philosophy that fast, accurate point of care testing should be simple and intuitive. All of Atomo’s RDT platforms offer all-in-one convenience with a built-in safety lancet, unique sample collection feature, single action sample and buffer delivery system, and interlocked user steps.

Next Generation Testing Solutions

Independent studies have shown the superiority of Atomo's unique and innovative solutions. With blood delivery errors reduced by 90%, buffer delivery errors reduced by 100% and a 40% reduction in time taken to complete the test procedure, Atomo's solution is preferred by 90% of users.

Improving Performance and Usability

When developing a lateral flow test never underestimate the need for early consideration of the end user, how they will use the test, and what can be done to improve usability.

The time and effort developing the optimal reagents for a high performing lateral flow test must be reinforced by simple and accurate sample preparation, result accuracy, and easy reporting.

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Our Platforms


The Pascal platform delivers improved performance and usability in self test and point of care settings with a built-in safety lancet, unique blood collection system and integrated buffer delivery mechanism.

• Integrated lancet
• Integrated accurate pipet delivery
• Integrated buffer delivery
• Inter-locked user steps

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The Curie platform is a device to simplify and improve existing swab-based testing platforms with consolidated components that help improve usability through removing the need for manual dosing of sample and by reducing the number of user steps.

• Consolidated components
• Wide-ranging compatibility
• Improved usability
• Improved sample concentration

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The Galileo RDT platform improves test performance and usability with an integrated safety lancet, unique blood collection and delivery system in an easy to use all-in-one device that can be deployed in home or clinical settings.

• Integrated lancet
• Integrated accurate pipet delivery
• Inter-locked user steps

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The Elion platform has been especially designed for self test users and makes rapid testing easier than ever before, with easy blood collection and interlocked user steps that mitigate common user errors.

• Integrated lancet
• Easy blood delivery system
• Integrated buffer delivery
• Inter-locked user steps

White plastic cassette with green tipped lancet.

Our Technology


Atomo's integrated buffer delivery system has incorporated our patented blister with the required volume of buffer solution. The blister design thus guarantees delivery of the correct buffer volume, enhancing the diagnostic test

• Provides greater convenience
• Simplifies test procedure
• Mitigates risk of user error
• Frangible seal design

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“Atomo has created a product that addresses unmet user needs in POC testing with superior accuracy, usability and simplicity.”

-Milovan Stankov Puges

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"We are delighted to be partnering with Atomo. Their pioneering products with a true focus on efficacy, performance and the customer experience are unparalleled and the team are a delight to work with"

-Lucy Gould
Senior Product Manager

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"These solutions reduce error rates and improve care and have significant commercial potential in both the developing world and in developed healthcare markets."

- Dr. Curt LaBelle
Managing Partner

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Re-imagining Diagnostics