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Galileo Factsheet

The Galileo platform epitomises efficiency and user-friendliness in rapid testing by streamlining the testing process with a series of interconnected steps designed to minimise typical user mistakes. These interconnected user steps ensure the handheld platform is adept for both professional point-of-care and self-test applications, offering versatility in its use. The platform is notably adaptable, being capable of customisation to accommodate a wide variety of lateral flow test strips that require capillary blood samples.

In a rapidly evolving diagnostics landscape, Atomo Diagnostics commits to providing superior, user-centric solutions that enhance the standard of self-testing, ensuring it remains accessible, reliable, and efficient for a global audience. The AtomoRapid 'Galileo' Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) platform elevates test performance and user experience through the integration of a safety lancet and a distinctive system for blood collection and delivery, all encompassed within a straightforward, all-in-one device.

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Atomo Diagnostics has collated the details of the Galileo platform's features, advantages, and technical specifications into the Galileo Factsheet. This document aims to deliver a thorough overview of the platform's capabilities, offering invaluable insight to potential users. We extend an invitation for you to secure a copy of this factsheet by completing the accompanying request form.

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