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Together We Can Transform Diagnostics

Partner with Atomo for an efficient, low-risk pathway from product development to commercialisation of your best-in-class rapid diagnostic test. Today’s users are demanding more. They expect more choices in rapid tests that can reliably be done at home, giving them more control and keeping them more informed.

With the growing demand for rapid tests, Atomo is a launching pad for new opportunities and new market segments. For partners who are looking to diversify or improve their current offerings, Atomo offers knowledge and expertise in point of care and at-home diagnostics. By leveraging over a decade’s worth of user-centred design and research and development, we can develop tests that will reach new market segments and demonstrate superior performance well ahead of industry standards. Our platform and partnership pathway are flexible, allowing us to deliver solutions from designing bespoke devices through commercialising fully finished products
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Work with us for bespoke solutions that leverage our existing technology, allow for cost-sharing of new developments, and create locked-in customer relationships through supply, distribution, licensing and royalties.

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Technology Sharing

Atomo’s development and usability expertise, portfolio of patent protected technologies and proprietary know-how can enhance your portfolio of assets, product offerings and sample types.

We aim to change how testing is performed at home and in clinical settings. We are eager to partner with your team to expand access to better rapid tests through the commercialisation of our technologies via a white label and / or supply agreement.

Three-Step Process for Co-Development

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Select Your RDT Platform

The AtomoRapid™ range includes patented RDT platforms with assorted features to meet requirements for professional use and self-test applications.

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Customise Your Device

Platforms are customisable to suit your requirements and can be modified to match desired specifics.

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From manufacturing process validation to post-launch marketing, benefit from Atomo's dedicated support at every stage.

Easy-to-Use Applications

We can develop bespoke cloud-based applications or integrate with your systems which will make home-testing, telemedicine, public health monitoring seamless and easy.

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Atomo Buddy

Patient will be able to easily access and provide important COVID related information using Atomo Buddy.

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Atomo Pro

Our unique app will help bring information from the patient to the doctor all in one place.

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Atomo Portal

The information collected from the test is then accessible in the Atomo Web Portal. This allows for multiple patient results to be viewed for quicker access.


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“Atomo has created a product that addresses unmet user needs in POC testing with superior accuracy, usability and simplicity.”

-Milovan Stankov Puges

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"We are delighted to be partnering with Atomo. Their pioneering products with a true focus on efficacy, performance and the customer experience are unparalleled and the team are a delight to work with"

-Lucy Gould
Senior Product Manager

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"These solutions reduce error rates and improve care and have significant commercial potential in both the developing world and in developed healthcare markets."

- Dr. Curt LaBelle
Managing Partner

Partner Stories

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Re-imagining diagnostics