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Atomo Diagnostics Limited is a global leader in the user-centred design of innovative, accurate and reliable rapid diagnostics.

Atomo Diagnostics delivers lab-level performance at the point-of-care.

Leading the Future of Diagnostics

Atomo Diagnostics is the first company in the world to bring human-centred engineering to the heart of diagnostics design, delivering simple, low cost, user-friendly diagnostics that consistently improve performance and reliability. We have a proven track record of delivering equitable and affordable access to all those who need quality tests.

Our unique, proprietary technologies improve rapid diagnostics testing by elevating ease-of-use and performance.

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Unmatched Usability

User-centred design for professional use & self-test applications.

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Proven Performance

Award-winning device platforms that are proven to mitigate user errors.

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Expert Development

Knowledge & experience to accelerate new custom devices.

Technology Centred Around User Needs

We focus on how tests operate in the hands of users to improve ease of use and reduce error rates. This leads to better user experience, more accurate results and better health care outcomes. An independent study was recently conducted comparing the Atomo's platform and a traditional lateral flow diagnostic test kit, with results clearly showing the superiority of Atomo's rapid diagnostic test solution.

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Reduction in Blood Delivery Errors

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Reduction in Buffer Delivery Errors

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Reduction in Time To Perform Procedure

Global Product Registrations

Atomo's superior rapid diagnostic test platforms are utilised by diagnostic companies across the world to create unique and innovative products that are advancing the future of medical diagnostics. As such, our platforms have received a number of global registrations from leading medical regulatory bodies.

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WHO Prequalification

Galileo Platform

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FDA 510(k) Clearance

Pascal Platform

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CE Marked

Pascal Platform & Galileo Platform

Together We Can Transform Diagnostics

Partner with Atomo Diagnostics for an efficient, low-risk pathway from product development to commercialisation of your best-in-class rapid diagnostic test. Today’s users are demanding more. They expect more choices in rapid tests that can reliably be done at home, giving them more control and keeping them more informed. Now is the time to innovate.

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Tests Sold

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User Preference

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Countries Approved

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Re-imagining diagnostics