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Our Partners

Atomo's numerous partners utilise our unique, innovative technology to bring a range of high-quality rapid diagnostic tests to global markets.

Atomo Diagnostics: ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎A Global Company

We work with a number of highly reputable partners in the diagnostic testing space. As a result of these partnerships, Atomo's technology is available in over 30 countries worldwide.

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Distribution Partners

Our distribution partners are carefully selected for their extensive market knowledge, unwavering commitment to quality, and shared vision for innovation. They act as our trusted ambassadors, representing our brand and ensuring that our products are seamlessly integrated into local markets. With an impressive network of distribution channels, our partners possess a deep understanding of their respective regions, allowing them to navigate cultural nuances, regulatory landscapes, and market dynamics with finesse. Our distribution partners go above and beyond, providing exceptional customer service, technical support, and product education to end users.

Newfoundland Diagnostics

Newfoundland Diagnostics is a leading UK provider of diagnostic tests and medical devices. With an aim to make high-quality healthcare products more affordable and accessible to people all around the world, Newfoundland offers a range of tests that identify specific conditions, illnesses and diseases.

Utilising Atomo's Galileo platform, Newfoundland's HIV Self Test is sold throughout the UK.

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Headquartered in the United States, with three global centres in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S., Shanghai, China, and Hyderabad, India, Viatris operates approximately 40 manufacturing facilities that produce complex dosage forms, injectables, oral solid doses and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Utilising Atomo's Galileo platform, Viatris' Mylan HIV Self Test is sold through lower-middle income markets across the world, creating additional avenues for HIV testing in markets where significantly more barriers to clinical testing exist.

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OEM Partners

Our finished goods partners are handpicked for their expertise, industry knowledge, and shared commitment to delivering top-quality solutions. By leveraging our diagnostic test cassettes, these partners can amplify their capabilities and create a range of revolutionary products that cater to diverse market needs. Our finished goods partners are trailblazers, driving advancements in healthcare. They leverage our diagnostic expertise to create tailored solutions that address specific market demands, resulting in enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and ultimately, improved outcomes for end users.

Lumos Diagnostics

Lumos Diagnostics specialises in rapid, cost-effective and complete point-of-care (POC) diagnostic test solutions to help healthcare professionals more accurately diagnose and manage medical conditions. Lumos offers customised assay development and manufacturing services for POC tests and proprietary digital reader platforms. Lumos also directly develops, manufactures and commercialises proprietary, Lumos-branded POC tests that target infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Utilising Atomo's Pascal platform, Lumos' FebriDx platform is sold in Europe and has been cleared by the FDA to be marketed in the U.S.A. The test is authorised to assist with the identification and differentiation of viral and bacterial acute respiratory infections. With 99% accuracy, this test has reduced antibiotic prescriptions by 80%, leading to better efficiencies and lower costs.

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NG Biotech

NG Biotech is a French innovative biotech company focusing on the development and manufacture of novel in vitro diagnostic tools for therapy monitoring at the point of care (Onsite).

Utilising Atomo's Pascal platform, NG's Precision+ pregnancy test offers results in 5 minutes through professional use channels. The blood-based test detects earlier and at a higher rate of accuracy than urine tests.

The NG Precision+ is available for purchase throughout Europe.

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End-To-End Solution Partners

Our end-to-end solution partners are experts in their respective fields, possessing deep domain knowledge, technical expertise, and a shared commitment to excellence. Together, we work hand in hand to deliver comprehensive and tailored solutions that empower organisations to achieve their diagnostic goals. From large healthcare systems to specialized laboratories and research institutions, our end-to-end solution partners leverage our extensive range of diagnostic technologies and expertise to develop transformative solutions. By understanding the unique challenges and objectives of each client, we co-create cutting-edge diagnostic workflows, seamlessly integrating our products and technologies into their existing infrastructure.

BBI Solutions

BBI Solutions has been serving the global diagnostics industry for over 50 years.

A unique combination of custom antibody development, lateral flow assay development and manufacturing services, enhanced by smartphone reader technology, and a broad reagent portfolio, BBI is perfectly placed to support lateral flow customers from concept to commercialisation.

As a CDMO, BBI’s design-for-manufacture approach ensures that materials, equipment, and process selection are appropriate and will yield a stable, robust, manufacturable product, which can scale as demand for the product increases.

BBI’s highly skilled and knowledgeable team, paired with BBI’s market-leading gold nanoparticle technology, delivers IVD products that comply with the highest quality and regulatory standards.

Incorporating the Atomo platforms into applicable new development projects provides BBI’s customers with a simplified testing workflow, and improved product usability.

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DCN Diagnostics

DCN Dx, based in Carlsbad, California, is a global leader in IVD CDMO and CRO services, with an emphasis on lateral flow assay development and manufacturing. Our multidisciplinary team specialises in creating tailored assay devices and lateral flow readers, ensuring your product is ready for the market.

Our personalised approach to IVD product development has supported more than 560 programs from over 260 clients. We can oversee every stage from concept to assay development and platform integration, through clinical trials to manufacturing or only handle the aspects you request. In addition to lateral flow assays, our clinical research expertise extends to a wide range of IVD devices, all with a focus on innovation, usability, and performance.

With a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and industry-leading expertise, DCN Dx is setting the benchmark for excellence in lateral flow IVD services and beyond.

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Palladium Diagnostics

Palladium Diagnostics assists researchers, developers, and manufacturers of rapid point-of-care diagnostic devices in bringing their technologies to the marketplace efficiently and effectively.

Palladium participates in the development of next generation rapid diagnostics and drive the development of better, more cost-efficient diagnostic technologies. They use their skills and expertise to support improved access to healthcare in the communities in which Palladium Diagnostics
and their customers live and work.

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Develop Future Tests With Us

Atomo’s unique technology presents an opportunity to improve existing products on the market with superior usability. Our integrated platforms can help users easily perform the tests on their own and improve performance, speed and reliability in a professional clinical setting.

We welcome dialogue with forward-thinking diagnostic partners who would like to explore co-developing tests for infectious diseases, allergy sensitivities, women’s health, men’s health, sexual health, heart health and other applications.

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Partner Stories

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