About Us

The Opportunity

This is a pivotal moment in healthcare. Increased consumer acceptance of telemedicine and the need for faster information has generated even greater demand for rapid point of care diagnostics.

Atomo has developed the most consumer friendly platform available for rapid at-home testing. Our integrated testing technology helps revolutionise access to healthcare solutions and deliver improved healthcare outcomes. We are a world leader in rapid testing solution that puts the user in the centre of the testing experience.

Our technology, which is easy to use, safe, reliable, and intuitive, is uniquely positioned to support the growing demand for affordable point of care monitoring of health and at-home testing.

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Our Story

After ten years as a senior leader in the medical device sector, Atomo’s Founder and CEO John Kelly identified multiple ways in which diagnostics were ripe for transformation. John observed that usability, convenience, and simplicity of use could make a real difference in diagnostics. When people can’t use a product the way it is intended, the performance is undermined.

While John was exploring areas of the market where usability was poorly delivered, his youngest daughter was born and required intensive medical care for the first two years of her life. He watched as doctors struggled to collect blood from her arm. When John found out that the blood test they were doing only required a tiny drop of blood, he had a light bulb moment. John decided to develop a better, less invasive way to collect a blood sample.

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Re-imagining diagnostics