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AtomoRapid™ Galileo

The Galileo platform makes rapid testing easy and convenient by simplifying the test procedure with interlocked user steps that mitigate common user errors.


The AtomoRapid ‘Galileo’ RDT platform improves test performance and usability with an integrated safety lancet, unique blood collection and delivery system in an easy to use all-in-one device.

The interlocked user steps make the handheld platform suitable for professional point of care and self-test applications. It can be customised for most lateral flow test strips that use capillary blood samples.

Platform Features and Benefits

All-In-One Test Device

Greater convenience and usability Integration of features minimises the need for training

Supports clinical waste control by reducing the number of contaminated and potentially hazardous test components for disposal

Interlocked, Sequenced User Steps

Supports compliance with test procedures

Ensures fewer user errors

Contact Activated, Auto-Retracting Safety Lancet

Safeguards against needlestick injuries and cross-contamination

Supports compliance to best practice capillary sampling

Innovative Blood Collection Unit

Simplifies test procedure and ensures easy blood collection

Improves blood volume accuracy

Controlled Delivery of Blood To Test Strip

Eliminates blood splatter by transferring blood sample cleanly

Delivers blood to the correct point on the test strip

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