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Atomo is Leading the Future of Diagnostics

Our unique, patented proprietary technologies improve rapid diagnostics testing by elevating ease-of-use and performance.

Atomo’s innovative Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) platforms simplify procedures, mitigate common user errors and enhance test performance. Atomo products are currently approved for distribution in over 40 countries.

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Finished rapid test products are commercialised under Atomo's own brand or under private labels via partners and regional distributors. We hold regulatory approvals including CE Mark in the EU / UK, Australian TGA, and the World Health Organization with near-term opportunities for FDA approval.

HIV 1&2 Test

Atomo offers the world’s first integrated, blood-based rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for HIV screening. Recognised globally for innovative design, performance and ease-of-use. With 99.6% specificity, 99.6% sensitivity, low blood volume and a 24 month shelf life, this test could save 40,000 lives per year in Africa alone.

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Pregnancy Test

NG Biotech, an ambitious company intent on being a global leader in its field, partnered with Atomo to bring its pregnancy rapid diagnostic test to market.

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Respiratory Test

Lumos Diagnostic, partnered with Atomo to develop a novel, rapid, point-of-care test that differentiates between viral versus bacterial acute respiratory infection in 10 minutes.

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Develop Future Tests With Us

Atomo’s unique technology presents an opportunity to improve existing products on the market with superior usability. Our integrated platforms can help users easily perform the tests on their own and improve performance, speed and reliability in a professional clinical setting.

We welcome dialogue with forward-thinking diagnostic partners who would like to explore co-developing tests for infectious diseases, allergy sensitivities, women’s health, men’s health, sexual health, heart health and other applications.

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Re-imagining diagnostics