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The AtomoRapid™ Curie makes swab-based testing easier than ever before, with sequenced user steps that greatly reduce the propensity for error.


The AtomoRapid™ Curie is a device designed to expand Atomo’s product range outside of blood-based testing. The test is a device to simplify and improve existing swab-based testing platforms.

To address the issue of inaccuracy in traditional swab-based tests, the AtomoRapid™ Curie's consolidated components help improve usability through removing the need for manual dosing of sample and by reducing the number of user steps.

Platform Features and Benefits

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Consolidated Components

Fully integrated sample extraction and delivery unit

Integrated blister and lyophilised buffer reagent allow for accurate buffer delivery

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Improved Usability

No manual dosing required, reducing potential for user error

Automatic sample delivery improves usability

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Wide-Ranging Compatibility

Compatible with a wide array of swabs and standard IVD cassettes

Improved diagnostic performance and reliability for a wide range of RDT devices

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Improved Sample Concentration

Swab sample and buffer solution mixed efficiently in chamber so that device delivers all sample to the test cassette

Extraction ribs improves sample transfer from swab to device

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Reimagining Diagnostics