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Lateral Flow Device Manufacturers

Atomo Diagnostics are expert lateral flow device manufacturers. Learn about our industry-leading lateral flow cassette manufacturing capabilities.

Lateral Flow Manufacturing

At Atomo, we specialise in lateral flow manufacturing. Our unique and innovative range of lateral flow cassette platforms are specifically designed for use as both point of care diagnostic devices and self-testing devices.

Beyond our home range of finished good products, we partner with lateral flow test strip manufacturing companies to provide ideal solutions for the problems associated with traditional point of care diagnostic testing platforms.

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Lateral Flow Test Strip Manufacturing Support

Atomo's lateral flow cassette platforms are customisable for a wide range of test strips. Currently, our devices are utilised in a self-testing capacity for HIV and pregnancy, and in a point of care setting for HIV, pregnancy and viral/bacterial infection tests.

Our test devices have interlocked user steps, supporting compliance with test procedures and ensuring fewer user errors. The contact-activated, auto-retracting safety lancet safeguards against needle stick injuries; and each device's innovative blood collection unit simplifies test procedure and ensures easy blood collection.

Each of these factors helps to increase the accuracy of diagnostic tests, allowing lateral flow test strip manufacturing organisations to ensure they are getting the most out of their strips.

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Lateral Flow Cassette Support

Beyond the manufacture of all-in-one lateral flow cassette platforms, Atomo also offers support for manufacturers of traditional multi-component lateral flow test kit manufacturers.

The Atomo Swab Platform is a device designed to simplify and improve existing swab-based lateral flow cassette testing platforms. To address the issue of inaccuracy in traditional swab-based tests, the Atomo Swab Platform’s consolidated components help improve usability through removing the need for manual dosing of sample and by reducing the number of user steps. The Swab Platform is ideal as a point of care diagnostic device or a self-testing device, helping to increase efficiency in point of care diagnostic testing settings and reduce errors in self-testing situations.

The Atomo Swab Platform is compatible with a wide array of swabs and standard IVD cassettes, making it an ideal add-on for any self or POC testing device lateral flow manufacturing organisation.

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Point of Care Diagnostic Testing

While Atomo's lateral flow cassette devices have significant benefits in self-testing settings, there are also numerous benefits for point of care diagnostic testing. Our POC testing devices reduce the time taken for physicians to obtain results on behalf of their patients, allowing for a more streamlined process in diagnosing and treating ailments.

Currently, Atomo's Galileo platform is utilised as a professional use, point of care diagnostic device for HIV; and our Pascal platform is utilised as a rapid, point of care test that differentiates between viral versus bacterial acute respiratory infection in 10 minutes.

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Point of Care Diagnostic Devices

Atomo has a wide range of lateral flow cassette POC testing devices to suit a variety of needs and budgets. Each of these all-in-one lateral flow cassettes have interlocked, sequenced user steps, a contact activated, auto-retracting safety lancet and an innovative blood collection unit for controlled delivery of blood to the test strip.

In a recent quantitive study comparing Atomo's Pascal device to a commercially available, multi-component whole blood lateral flow device, it was shown that Atomo's platform had a higher number of valid tests (96% vs 58%), faster task completion times (04:00 vs 06:52), fewer number of errors made (1.7% vs 12.1%), less difficulties experienced (1.6% vs 3.6%) and fewer references to the IFU materials (16.7% vs 19.2%).

Atomo's innovative range of lateral flow cassettes are idea for lateral flow test strip manufacturers seeking to ensure their test is as accurate as possible in the hands of users.

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