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Blister Factsheet

To assist with understanding of our unique blister technology, we have compiled the most crucial and valuable details into an easily digestible factsheet. This document succinctly presents the key features and benefits of our blister technology, making it an invaluable resource for those interested in improving the performance and reliability of their diagnostic test.

Atomo's innovative integrated buffer delivery system represents a significant advancement in diagnostic testing technology, featuring our proprietary blister design. This design is meticulously engineered to contain the exact volume of buffer solution tailored for each specific diagnostic purpose. By ensuring the delivery of the precise amount of buffer required, we significantly enhance the accuracy and reliability of diagnostic tests. The uniqueness of our system lies in the patented blister pack.

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To provide interested parties with easy access to this information, Atomo has made this Blister Factsheet available through a simple process. By filling out the form to the right, individuals can request the factsheet, which will then be promptly delivered to the email address they provide. This ensures that anyone interested in learning more about our innovative buffer delivery system and its impact on the field of diagnostics can do so in a convenient and efficient manner.

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