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Elion Factsheet

The Elion platform represents a significant advancement in medical diagnostic engineering, specifically tailored for individuals conducting self-tests. This platform introduces a streamlined approach to rapid testing, utilising a sequence of interconnected steps designed to minimise user errors, thereby enhancing the accuracy and reliability of test results.

At its core, Elion prioritises convenience and innovation. The system includes an integrated safety lancet for blood collection, which simplifies the procedure while reducing the potential for mistakes. Furthermore, it incorporates an efficient method for the handling and delivery of blood and buffer, ensuring that samples are processed effectively. Each step in the user's journey has been carefully developed to ensure an intuitive and seamless testing experience.

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The adaptability of the Elion platform is one of its key strengths, allowing it to accommodate a wide range of lateral flow test strips that require capillary blood samples. This flexibility ensures that the platform can meet the diverse needs of users and adapt to various testing scenarios.

Atomo Diagnostics has compiled the details of the Elion platform's features, benefits, and specifications into the Elion Factsheet. This document is designed to provide comprehensive information about the platform's capabilities. We invite you to request a copy of this factsheet by filling out the form provided. As the field of diagnostics continues to advance, Atomo Diagnostics is dedicated to delivering high-quality, user-focused solutions that improve the standards of self-testing.

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