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Platform Factsheet

Atomo Diagnostics is renowned as the foremost company globally for embedding human-centred engineering into the design of diagnostic tests. Our strategy centres on enhancing the user experience by simplifying the testing procedure and reducing the chances of errors during the testing process. This approach is motivated by the objective to elevate the overall user satisfaction, guarantee more precise test results, and contribute towards improved healthcare outcomes.

Our ethos in product design is underpinned by the belief that rapid, reliable point-of-care testing ought to be accessible and straightforward for every user. In line with this belief, each of Atomo's Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) platforms is engineered to provide utmost convenience. Features include an integrated safety lancet to decrease the risk of injuries, an easy-to-use sample collection mechanism, a simple system for sample and buffer application to facilitate the testing process, and a series of steps designed to seamlessly guide users through the test.

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In response to the requirement for easily digestible product information, Atomo Diagnostics has created the Platform Factsheet. This document concisely details each of our RDT platforms and explains our approach to the development of rapid diagnostic tests. The Factsheet is designed to offer healthcare professionals, partners, and end-users clear insights into how our diagnostic solutions are crafted to meet the demand for reliable, user-friendly testing options in a variety of healthcare settings.

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