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Pascal Sales Sheet

The Pascal platform, introduced by Atomo Diagnostics, represents a significant leap forward in the realm of point-of-care testing, boasting enhancements in both performance and user experience. At the heart of its design lies a built-in safety lancet, a pioneering blood collection and delivery system, along with an advanced integrated buffer delivery mechanism. These features collectively simplify the testing procedure, facilitating more streamlined and accessible rapid diagnostic evaluations.

Designed with the user's ease in mind, the AtomoRapid 'Pascal' Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) platform incorporates a unique buffer delivery system that allows for the precise dispensation of the required chase buffer at the mere press of a button. Furthermore, the implementation of interlocked user steps plays a crucial role in minimising the likelihood of common errors, rendering the platform equally suitable for professional healthcare environments and personal self-testing applications. Its adaptability is further evidenced by its compatibility with an extensive array of lateral flow test strips that utilise capillary blood samples, underscoring its broad applicability across various testing scenarios.

white plastic cassette

We have created an overview of the Pascal platform's key selling points, from design attributes through to user feedback. The Pascal Sales Sheet is aimed at providing healthcare practitioners, commercial partners, and individual users with detailed insights into the platform's advantages and capabilities. We invite you to request this sales sheet by completing the associated request form, enabling you to discover the comprehensive benefits and first-hand user feedback of the Pascal platform.

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