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OEM Brochure

Atomo Diagnostics has established itself as the first company in the world to place human-centred engineering at the core of diagnostic test design. Our approach prioritises the end-user experience by focusing on making tests easier to use and reducing the likelihood of errors during the testing process. This methodology is driven by the goal of enhancing the overall experience for users, ensuring the delivery of more accurate diagnostic results, and, ultimately, supporting better healthcare outcomes.

The foundation of our product design philosophy is the belief that rapid, accurate point-of-care testing should be straightforward and intuitive for all users. To embody this principle, every Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) platform developed by Atomo is crafted to offer comprehensive convenience. This includes an integrated safety lancet to minimise injury risk, an innovative sample collection system designed for ease of use, a straightforward sample and buffer delivery mechanism that simplifies the testing process, and a sequence of user steps logically arranged to guide individuals smoothly through the test.

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In response to the need for consolidated product information, Atomo Diagnostics has produced an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Brochure. This document extensively covers the specifics of each RDT platform we offer and thoroughly explains Atomo's holistic approach to developing rapid diagnostic tests. The brochure is intended to provide healthcare professionals, partners, and users with a clear understanding of how our diagnostic solutions are designed to meet the demand for reliable, user-friendly testing options in various healthcare settings.

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