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Elion Brochure

The Elion platform is an exemplary feat of engineering, purpose-built to cater to individuals conducting self-tests. It heralds a new era of rapid testing by simplifying the process through a sequence of interlinked steps designed to minimise common errors made by users.

Elion encapsulates convenience and innovation. It features an integrated safety lancet, a novel approach to blood collection and a streamlined system for the delivery of both blood and buffer. Moreover, the sequence of steps required by the user has been carefully designed to ensure a seamless testing experience.

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The extraordinary usability and performance of the Elion platform makes it the ideal choice for self-testing scenarios. It is highly adaptable, capable of being customised to accommodate most lateral flow test strips that require capillary blood samples, offering unparalleled versatility.

The information pertaining to the Elion platform has been distilled within Atomo's Elion Brochure. This comprehensive resource is an indispensable guide to understanding the full capabilities of the platform. We invite you to obtain your copy of this brochure by completing the request form below. As the world of diagnostics evolves, Atomo Diagnostics remains committed to delivering exceptional, user-centred solutions that redefine the standards of self-testing.

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