Education for pharmacists on HIV self-testing

March 31 2022

An article from The Pharmacy Guild of Australia on Atomo’s partnership with GuildEd designed to provide education for pharmacists on HIV self-testing.


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Access to self-testing is one of the pillars of Australia’s HIV prevention strategy.


AIDS response organisations have described availability of the self-test devices as a critically important additional tool to help people know their HIV status.


A landmark decision by the TGA in late 2021 expanded access to these tests from limited sexual health outlets to community pharmacy.


By stocking these tests, pharmacists are continuing the vital role they have played in HIV management with the provision of pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP and PEP).


TGA conditions for supply require that any stockists of HIV self-test kits must complete education on the importance of self-testing, recommendations for self-testing and points of concern.


Guild Learning and Development has partnered with Atomo Diagnostics, manufacturer of HIV self-tests, to develop education on HIV self-testing with a new online module on this topic titled HIV self-testing and community pharmacy’.


Completion of this learning will equip pharmacists with knowledge about HIV self-testing and serve as training for pharmacists to supply HIV self-test kits as per the TGA requirement that training is completed prior to supply.


This module aims to increase pharmacist confidence in supplying HIV self-test kits and responding to consumer queries.


Guild Learning and Development thanks Atomo Diagnostics for its financial and subject matter assistance in developing this course.


Pharmacists who wish to order self-tests can do so directly through Atomo Diagnostics by emailing


To enrol in this course please visit


Please contact Guild Learning and Development on 1800 049 056 or email for more information.