Rapid Testing Done Better

Atomo takes proven diagnostic technologies and reimagines them as easy to use products that deliver accurate results in the field.

Atomo products have fewer and simpler steps, preventing common user errors.

AtomoRapid™ is a rapid diagnostic test that combines all the necessary components into one simple device. Making it easy to get trustworthy results.

Easy to Use

The intuitive sequence of AtomoRapid™ requires fewer and simpler steps.
This makes training easy and helps prevent common mistakes in rapid testing.

Leading Safety

The auto retracting lancet eliminates needle sticks and cross contamination, making it safer for both clinicians and patients. Once the lancet is fired, it retracts into a built in tamper proof container, making it easy to dispose.

Less Blood
AtomoRapid™ tests need just a small drop of blood to provide an accurate result. Smaller blood samples are easier to collect and lead to fewer user errors.